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Support Your Favorite Horse!

Remember your first riding lesson, or the first time your child saddled up? Remember that unforgettable combination of fear and exhilaration you felt? How about that time when, in a moment of confusion, you or your child chose to rely completely on the horse to know what to do – and how that marvelous, half-ton, four legged beast saved the day?

All riders have those moments. They’re special, and so are the horses that helped create them. Many of our Hazelwild horses help create those special moments in hundreds of lessons and shows throughout the year – during the community riding program, therapeutic riding, appointment lessons, college lessons, team practices, trail riding, and in horse shows.

And the horse you or your child regularly rides often becomes a trusted friend and ally – a favorite.

Although our horse friends often clearly enjoy what they’re doing, its hard work, and, like any hard worker, they often need special care. Maybe they need special horse shoes, or a special diet, not to mention the food, medicines, veterinary and farrier care all horses need. For Hazelwild’s part, we work very hard at taking care of horses, but that care is expensive and, with Hazelwild’s ongoing efforts to keep lessons and shows affordable, often severely stretches our budget.

We need your help to succeed. Please take a minute to read about your favorite horses via the links below, and please consider donating to their care. Your tax deductible donation, even a small one, will help care for your favorites, and will be most sincerely appreciated.

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